Prefa FX.12

Prefa FX.12 is unique proprietary made by Prefa. Ideal for new construction and refurbishment, FX.12 panels are a very unique cladding application that consistently changes in appearance with light and shadows. Vibrant and long-lasting, FX.12 is an eye-catching design element that would easily suite your architectural masterpiece.

Flush Seam

The Flush Seam cladding application interlocks overlapping sheet panels to create a more refined and flush finish. If your searching for a cladding application that has a shallow recess and soffit lining, the Flush Seam system is the contemporary solution for you.

Flat Lock

The Flat Lock panel is a basic lapped cladding look which offers an elegant solution for flat and curved facades. Adding a unique dimension to any architectural project, Flat Lock applications are an eye-catching feature that can be installed horizontally or vertically to suit your design requests.


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Single Lock Standing Seam

Single Lock Standing Seam

Single Lock Standing Seams is the most versatile and practical cladding system available on the market. It is a traditional façade technique where long panel strips are assembled together to suit all wall and window lengths. There are unlimited design options with Single Lock Standing Seams which is why it is a favoured design application … Read more Single Lock Standing Seam


If you’re searching for more artistic design freedom within your project, Shingle roofing application is certainly for you. Distinguished by its unique sculpted slate look, Shingle roofing designs can be easily crafted to suit any creative vision. Moulded together using one of our non-ferrous zinc, copper or aluminium materials, NFM can help you to create … Read more Shingles

Batten roll

Batten Roll

At NFM, we manufacture and supply a range of metal roof batten roll. Batten Roll offers a more traditional wider seam that is a unique method favoured within architectural design. Although this is a more traditional roofing system, Batten Roll applications are fully customisable to suite a wide range of heritage and modern designs.

Double Lock Standing Seam

Double Lock Standing Seams is the most versatile and practical roofing system available on the market. This is a very traditional roofing application that is commonly used on educational, healthcare, sports, commercial, religious and residential buildings. Its fine lines offer a lighter appearance and greater flexibility to be adapted to complex shapes as well as … Read more Double Lock Standing Seam