Bruce Street

This project uses a combination of Smooth Interlockers and some Twisted Standing Seam Wall & Roof Cladding. Material used was VM Anthra Zinc.

Bar Beach

This project uses Prefa smooth white, Standing Seam Wall Cladding and Roofing.


This project uses Prefa Aluminium in Patina grey, in Standing Seam. Coupled with Rheinzinc Downpipes and Gutters.

Sydney Street

This project features Elzinc grey standing seam cladding.


Single Lock Standing Seam

This project features Black Aluminium standing seam wall cladding.

Mullens street

This project features VM Quartz Zinc standing seam cladding.

Hayman Island

Copper work at the Hayman Island Resort refurbishment. This project includes Copper ridge caps and Copper Standing seam cladding.